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Welcome to my web studio, please take time to browse around.

I consider myself a value painter and find that vibrant and intense water colors play an important part of expressing the mood of the subject.  I love to paint in water color but in 2004 I began doing something I call Gold Vein Art, it is located in Gallery lll.  

My interest in pottery started with my first class in the summer of 2005.  In February of  2006 I began taking classes on a regular basis.  I started with hand building then moved on to throwing on the wheel.  There are advantages to both form of the craft and I enjoy each one.   I have studied under the tutaelage of Mary Holden Hall, Don johns, and Hiroshi Sueyoshi.

In 2005, the Randall Library at University of North Carolina Wilmington purchased an original Linocut of mine for their permanent collection.

I'm a member of the Washington Water Color Association (Washington, DC);  Associated Artists of Southport (NC); and the Coastal Carolina Clay Guild.  

My paintings have been shown at Strathmore Hall, MD., Maple Wood Gallery, Bethesda, MD  and The Women's Democratic Club, Washington, DC.

I've been a exhibiting member of the Wilmington Gallery (NC), the Wilson Art Center (NC), Franklin Square Gallery, Southport, N.C, and at  Artful Living Group at Carolina Beach, NC.

I'm also a volunteer member of the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project.  
 Our Mission: To ensure the preservation and protection of threatened and endangered sea turtles,working within federal and state guidelines.

Note: All artwork featured on this site is copyrighted © by
Barbara E. Allinson unless otherwise noted.

Galleries   |   Pottery   |   Note Cards:   |   Exhibits   |   Biography   |   Contact   |   Favorite Links   |   Site Map